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Crisis and Trauma Counselling for Psychotherapy - myassignmenthelp

Question: Examine about theCrisis and Trauma Counseling for Psychotherapy. Answer: Presentation: The idea of emergency and injury directing has been created to assist individuals with settling emergency actuating occasions. These circumstances happen in any conditions and must be managed as quickly as time permits. In numerous events the people confronting issues lose all abilities of reacting to circumstances, so they need the correct measure of support and backing so as to come out of their discouraging perspective. So as to assist a customer with combatting their downturn and feelings of anxiety it is important to comprehend the given circumstance well and help the individual likewise. Appropriate recognizable proof of the issue is consequently a critical advance in emergency and injury guiding. Circumstances experienced by the customer: The gave contextual analysis is around a multi year old analyst named Patricia. She has confronted the weight of being a solitary parent. The obligation of without any help bringing up a youngster is very testing. Aside from this the customer likewise has duties relating to the general public. In this association it very well may be obviously expressed that the customer confronted critical individual issues. These comprised of being a solitary parent and handling obligations of bringing up her child and even the work pressure. Being a solitary parent, the customer is unequipped for sharing her issues and getting the necessary mental and passionate help which can for the most part be given by a companion. The situational issue identified with this case is that of adjusting all parts of the customers life. The obligations of work can't be overlooked by her and simultaneously she doesn't get satisfactory rest after satisfaction of every one of her duties. The customer likewise has an office at her home from where she works late into the night and consequently the circumstance wherein she is working are burdening and very arduous (Capuzzi Stauffer, 2016). The earth at work which the customer faces during the day is likewise difficult as the association which she works in has exceptionally less odds of utilizing extra staff. This additionally contributes towards her expanded feelings of anxiety (Gladding Newsome, 2017). Other than this, there is a lot of hypothesis and judgemental perspectives towards single guardians which should be managed in an appropriate manner for which the customer may feel pushed or pressurized. Signs and side effects experienced by the customer: Because of the distressing work states of the customer just as situational factors, she has maintained certain side effects identified with changed mental, enthusiastic just as standards of conduct. With respect to physical attributes it very well may be said that the customer confronted significant measure of fatigue at work. The customer likewise enjoyed comfort eating at the hour of stress which represented much more measure of pressure identified with her body weight. She additionally experienced serious migraines because of pressure and furthermore experienced issues in nodding off. Her hustling musings and arbitrary examples of reasoning didn't let her nod off (Headington Institute, 2017). Sincerely the customer began feeling down, low, de-persuaded at work and feared work. There was a sure measure of separation which she felt from her regular exercises. She additionally felt incredibly baffled with respect to her activity and felt that she was denied. She felt let down and dismal at not being given the degree of advancement which she believed she wanted. The conduct changes were knowledgeable about her every day reaction to the next staff individuals and her partners. There was an expanded bothering in her air and she felt that her associates were disturbing. The sends which she sent appeared to impart the degrees of her annoyance and disappointment. The customer likewise felt as though her errands and duties at work were overloading her and her profitability began declining in spite of the extra endeavors which she put in (Levers, 2012). The manners by which the customer can improve the circumstance: The most ideal manner by which stress can be overseen is by channelizing ones contemplations a specific way. An individual needs to attempt to pick one idea over another or tackle each idea in turn which is essential in the event of this specific customer also. In the event that each musing is focussed in turn there won't be an opportunity of encountering disorganized considerations in ones brain. There likewise are otherworldly answers for such issues, similar to reflection and the craft of remaining quiet. The considerations in the head can be quieted down to a huge degree by consistently rehearsing the craft of reflection. The customer can begin by committing a specific measure of time toward the beginning of the day for contemplation and can continue expanding the time a tiny bit at a time so as to quiet the considerations which swarm the brain (Headington Institute, 2017). There additionally should be an emotionally supportive network where the customer ought to have the option to contact others and offer the injury or miserable encounters. On the off chance that the customer can impart the issues to her partners she can get a feeling of consolation which may assist her with focusing on her work and diminish the degrees of disappointment experienced by her. It is prudent that the customer progresses in the direction of building an inviting connection with her child so they can associate coolly and can take care of every others issues (Hillman, 2013). The mental origin of the manners of thinking of the customer should be comprehended by her so as to control the musings before they begin to possess the cerebrum. The customer can likewise go to moving talks so as to achieve genuine feelings of serenity (Levers, 2012). End: There are a few manners by which casualties of injury or emergency circumstances can be handled. It should be comprehended that they ought not lose trust and should continue focussing on the positive parts of life. It should be recollected that these circumstances are extremely ordinary and can be handled with appropriate consideration. It is because of the customary association with the casualties of viciousness that an adverse effect falls on the individuals who work in such focuses. Appropriate guiding and checked drug in exceptional cases can understand the issue without any problem. References: Capuzzi, D., Stauffer, M. D. (2016).Counseling and psychotherapy: Theories and mediations. John Wiley Sons. Gladding, S. T., Newsome, D. W. (2017).Clinical emotional well-being guiding in network and organization settings. Pearson. Headington Institute. (2017).Headington Institute | Blog | Managing Stress: How you consider pressure matters. [online] Available at: pressure how-you-consider pressure matters [Accessed 21 Oct. 2017]. Headington Institute. (2017).Headington Institute | Blog. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Oct. 2017]. Hillman, J. L. (2013).Crisis intercession and injury: New ways to deal with proof based practice. Springer Science Business Media. Switches, L. L. (Ed.). (2012).Trauma directing: Theories and intercessions. Springer Publishing Company.

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Problems of Library Automation in Africa Essay Example for Free

Issues of Library Automation in Africa Essay In 1981, IBM presented its (PC) for use in the home, office and schools. Preceding that time, there had been a few MS-DOS perfect PCs that ran DOS programs. As PCs turned out to be increasingly across the board in the work environment (ie. a free agent’s office), newâ ways to release their latent capacity created. As littler PCs turned out to be all the more impressive, they could be connected together, or arranged, to share memory space, programming and data, and speak with one another. So where does the protection business enter the â€Å"automation† picture? A word from our support: Whats so troublesome about consolidating individual and business umbrella inclusion? Very little. Get a statement online at this point! Free operators have made some amazing progress in utilizing innovation in the course of recent years. From the mid 1980s through the mid-1990s, free operators generally utilized PC-based computerization frameworks to help proficiency and cut expenses. Since 1970, ACORD, a not-revenue driven gauges setting relationship for the protection business, has been engaged with robotization. The affiliation is included transporters, specialists, merchants, arrangement suppliers, affiliations and other invested individuals. â€Å"We aren’t the ones who ‘built’ the mechanization system,† said Carolyn â€Å"Cal† Durland, overseeing chief of Standards for ACORD. â€Å"What we did and still do is give guidelines Forms and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) whereupon the merchants or arrangement suppliers base their robotization systems.† She disclosed that to discover how the business got computerized, one must look to the sellers and arrangement suppliers. In 1972, the first ACORD structure, a property misfortune notice, went into utilization. Today, ACORD’s measures incorporate Forms, AL3 (Automation Level 3), XML, OLife and ObjX. The Forms are retail location, information assortment vehicles, AL3 is ACORD’s EDI standard (or machine-to-machine, business-to-business, information transmission arrangements or parts), OLife is an information mix standard and ObjX is â€Å"much more than EDI.† During the 1980s-when the quantity of PCs being used expanded significantly ACORD individuals requested normalized electronic transmissions between the agents’â computers and the carriers’ PCs. â€Å"The industry has come to ACORD to solidify endeavors to dispense with duplication of work,† Durland said. â€Å"For model, without one endorsed, countrywide ACORD application, the entirety of the 2,400 or more protection bearers would must have their own structure. What's more, the merchants or arrangement suppliers who robotize those structures would need to alter each form.† Presently that ACORD and the business are working inseparably, there is one structure acknowledged and utilized by numerous individuals of those bearers. What's more, the merchants or arrangement suppliers have the choice to get authorized by ACORD to redistribute the Forms. â€Å"ACORD gives them tools†¦to print the ACORD Forms,† Durland said. â€Å"ACORD’s Forms endeavors have stripped the expenses out of this dissemination channel.† As indicated by Durland, in a similar way that the business met up with ACORD to do Forms, they have likewise attempted to create EDI Standards. â€Å"Through our subcommittee procedure and exacting consistence to against trust rules, we unite transporters, operators, merchants, arrangement suppliers and other invested individuals to talk about what is expected to transmit the information collected,† she said. Change is acceptable The business all in all, as indicated by Durland, is delayed to make changes, â€Å"although there are a few transporters that have the assets to be on the main edge of technology.† The starting was somewhat ancient. â€Å"Carriers understood the advantages of robotization and created restrictive frameworks that they put in the agents’ offices,† Durland said. â€Å"This brought about the operators having to truly move between various terminals to interface with the transporters computerizing their process.† With the beginning of the office the executives sellers and ACORD’s principles actualized in those frameworks, the operators were thoughtfully ready to eliminateâ those restrictive terminals and work through one framework. â€Å"This idea called SEMCI, Single Entry Multiple Company Interface, permitted the specialists to keep the information in one place and transmit it electronically to any of the bearers it was authorized to represent,† Durland clarified. One stage forward, two stages back Ten years prior, when Durland joined ACORD, there were numerous office the executives frameworks endeavoring to empower SEMCI. â€Å"Today, because of acquisitions and mergers, there are three essential sellers and a couple of littler ones,† she said. â€Å"SEMCI is as yet the objective for the operators and the bearers. Notwithstanding, with the beginning of Web empowered procedures, the bearers with an end goal to smooth out their expenses returned to exclusive applications. â€Å"Those driving edge transporters set up Web destinations that necessary the operator to go to the website and enter the data. So as opposed to setting off to a different terminal in their office, they currently needed to interface with a Web webpage and rekey the information that was at that point in their databases.† This brought about the acknowledgment of the new standard XML. â€Å"XML is a standard that empowers network between Web applications and organization the board frameworks, notwithstanding business-to-business, business-to-client, etc.,† Durland said. The objective to make sure about SEMCI, as indicated by Durland, can at present occur with the usage of XML. â€Å"Plus it widens the exchanging accomplice base to be more than the specialist to protection carrier,† she said. A push for usage During the 1990s, usage guides were composed and an affirmation procedure was created. Today, there are more than 12,000 transfer and 40,000 download usage utilizing AL3 principles. AL3 keeps on developing and there are new usage consistently, including utilizing AL3 gauges over the Internet. Since the time the beginning of the industry’s computerization, structures standardizationâ continued and still keeps on being a significant concentration for ACORD as the guidelines setting affiliation works with a wide range of exchanging accomplices inside the business. Today there are around 400 ACORD structures. What's more, in spite of the fact that it’s critical to take note of what number of structures there are, what is much increasingly imperative to note is the way that these ACORD structures have disposed of or forestalled 80,000 exclusive structures sparing the business a great many dollars. Conveying on a worldwide premise As indicated by Durland, ACORD has staff committed to building associations with different measures setting associations. The truth of the matter is, the business handles business on a worldwide premise, so it just bodes well that the objective is to have the option to convey on a worldwide premise. For instance, Durland brought up that transporters compose inclusion for properties possessed by individuals everywhere throughout the world. Thus, these transporters work with different bearers or reinsurers to share the introduction. When inquired as to why it is so significant for the business to be computerized, Durland stated, â€Å"Automation strips costs out of workflows.† Simply put, to just need to go to one spot for data and to have the option to support clients rapidly and proficiently is vital. â€Å"For model, the operator and transporter consent to reimburse the client on the off chance that they have a misfortune which is secured under their arrangement. The client pays an expense dependent on that guarantee. At the point when the misfortune happens, they need somebody to deal with it promptly†¦to be given data on the movement of the goals and be paid or have the thing supplanted ASAP,† Durland said. Robotization makes it conceivable. â€Å"With the innovation and computerization accessible to us today, the chances to share data are unlimited,† Durland said. â€Å"The industry understands that and is cooperating to make sense of how to impart electronicallyâ with each other.†

Flautists Battle To Help Tiny Silent Losses Free Essays

Have you at any point lost somebody near you? You presumably recollect their giggles, and all the recollections you had with them, however imagine a scenario where you had never shared these minutes. Imagine a scenario in which they had sneaked away before you even gotten an opportunity. Flute players utilized their gifts at London’s Royal Albert Hall yesterday to fund-raise to help raise premature delivery mindfulness. Twenty multi year old Tiana Webb from Croydon chose to set up the show in the wake of enduring her fourth premature delivery in two years, she communicated her emotions â€Å"I felt so alone, and asked why this continued transpiring, I understood I needed to help accomplish something so other ladies would not need to feel so alone while experiencing such a predicament. Music helped me through the intense occasions, and as a flute player myself, I figured I could utilize my gifts to help†. We will compose a custom paper test on Flute players Battle To Help Tiny Silent Losses or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now Pamphlets were conveyed requesting that all flute players join from everywhere throughout the province, regardless of what their capacity or style in music. Over a hundred and fifty performers approached running from fledglings to experts, youthful to old. Tiana said she was astonished at the measure of help that had been picked up, as she didn't know whether she would be effective. The Miscarriage Association is a foundation set up to help raise unsuccessful labor mindfulness. The foundation underpins lamenting lady, be it not long after their unsuccessful labor or some time after by giving data, bolster gatherings and helplines. It additionally offers a help wherein moms can be placed in contact with other ladies who have encountered a misfortune. Unnatural birth cycle realities are very obscure, more than one of every five pregnancies end in unsuccessful labor, a stunning quarter of a million every year in the UK. Ongoing exploration among an example of more than 300 ladies who had encountered misfortune in pregnancy indicated that 45% of ladies didn't feel all around educated about what was befalling them. Just 29% of them felt all around thought about genuinely and almost four out of five got no aftercare. Claire Walker, a representative from TMA said â€Å"we are so grateful to Tiana and each and every individual who participated in the show. Premature de livery influences such a significant number of ladies in the public eye and feel it goes un-saw, however this occasion shows that there is promise for them†. Tickets sold out inside seven days of going at a bargain, filling the superb lobby. Tiana held a sale of old music, CDs, woodwinds and other melodic gear, all gave by the performers themselves, of nearby associations. One of the flute players, Multi year old Levi King from East London said † I’m glad to be a piece of something which is for a decent aim, the reaction is incredible†. The show was set off with every one of the 158 flute players playing Karen Taylor-Good’s melody, ‘Precious Child’ together, which was composed particularly. Karen herself sang the inclination filled words, â€Å"There wasn’t a dry eye in the building† she clarified, â€Å"everyone was clearly very touched†. Rachel Kindler The sound rang, making a nearby environment inside. Numerous individuals from the crowd depicted it as an inspiring encounter to be among others with similar sentiments, the same number of them had endured an unnatural birth cycle either themselves or in their families. This was trailed by every one of the flute players playing performances, two part harmonies or trios in an assortment of music styles. There were reports that a large number of them felt favored to have the option to act in the Royal Albert Hall as it was a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. Tiana played 4 individual solo’s, including two that she had kept in touch with herself. Among the melodic pieces, sonnets were perused numerous individuals discussed their encounters, multi year old Sara West recounted to us of her story † I was 20 when I fell pregnant, it was a blend of energy and stress as I was youthful however I realized I needed to keep my infant, I had a steady accomplice and completed my degree at college. At the point when I prematurely delivered at 10 weeks, I was sorrowful. Words can't depict that it is so difficult to lose something so valuable. Numerous individuals don't get it and are unfeeling towards the subject, yet coming here today around evening time caused me to acknowledge I am not by any means the only one that felt along these lines, and there is support out there for me. I am satisfied to have helped The Miscarriage Association, and grateful to Tiana for putting such a great amount of work into this event.† The crowd was astounded by the presence of James Gallway, a well known flute player. He played a few pieces, incorporating some with the youths which many felt was contacting. James said that he would not have missed the show for the world, as it was not on a chance to impart his gifts and abilities to other people, yet additionally to help bring in cash for an awesome reason. The night was finished with an extraordinary firecracker show, and individuals discharging inflatables with messages for their misfortunes inside. It was breathtaking to see such huge numbers of individuals meet up to recollect quiet misfortunes that the vast majority won't know about. The event was unmistakably exceptionally fruitful, it raised an astounding à ¯Ã¢ ¿Ã¢ ½10,000 for The Miscarriage Association. Tiana included, † I am overpowered at the measure of help for the cause and the occasion. It is encouraging to realize that I have helped other lamenting moms, I plan to sort out something comparative sooner rather than later. I might want to thank all the flute players for taking an interest and each and every individual who gave cash to the charity†. The most effective method to refer to Flutists Battle To Help Tiny Silent Losses, Papers

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Performance Management Systems Rater Eras Associated

Question: Talk about thePerformance Management Systemsfor Rater Eras Associated. Answer: Thumbay Group is a genuine case of cutting edge complex association comprising of various broadened organizations under one umbrella. It has its base camp arranged in DIFC, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The gathering was established very nearly twenty years back and bargains in assortment of business tasks, including clinical administrations, land business, distributing innovation, exchanging and showcasing and instructive administrations among others, with a work system of more than 3000 representatives. Thumbay Group similarly as some other top association has its define objectives through their vision, strategic, their fundamental beliefs. Their vision spins around the desire of turning out to be number one business house on universal standing and to apply their worldwide nearness. Their set strategic to ascend as undisputed worldwide business gathering, conveying quality administrations to all the individuals in various social range, with uprightness, motivation, fulfillment and henceforth procuring unwaveringness and trust among its locale individuals. The Thumbay Group authority establishes of the top administration containing fundamentally of the president, VP and the board individuals while another operational administration comprises of the corporate group which is going by the president, chiefs and supervisors of different divisions inside the association. Nonetheless, it is critical to take note of that in their corporate group of directors, the Thumbay Group has both an administrator explicitly responsible for ability securing or just enlistment, just as a Human Resources supervisor. This brings the job of the HR division in to address inside the association, as it is generally realized that enrollment forms is an assignment for the most part performed by the human asset the board office in commonly huge business elements (Sava?, 2006). The Strategic Alignment of Human Resources Arrangement in the business setting alludes to the key course of action of individuals, forms and authoritative structures that are significant for the organizations business achievement (Performance Dimensions Group, 2013). The procedure of arrangement is a key procedure that includes human asset office in the association. The HR office in the association is the one answerable for setting approaches, methodologies and practices that lines up with the hierarchical culture and primary plan for the best outcomes. As indicated by (Heneman III Milanowski, 2007), in many occurrences in numerous associations, key HR administrations job is to recognize and choose those human asset rehearses that are in accordance with the vital objectives of the association. Thumbay Group centers around more than one business part. Under it there are various organizations working in various parts which implies the market structure for their items and administrations vary as indicated by the kind of the business. Moreover, the distinction in business tasks required the need to have diverse human asset offices significant for each business and its procedures. The requirement for human asset arrangement is significant in this situation. (Heneman III Milanowski, 2007) further adds that so as to include an adjusted human asset framework inside an association, for example, Thumbay Group, the firm should initially survey the current human asset arrangement so as to get top to bottom idea on how well unique human asset rehearses are adjusted so as to devise great premise on growing very much adjusted human asset rehearses. Be that as it may, this relies upon the hierarchical needs and what they need to accomplish from their human asset groups. The away from job of human asset office in Thumbay Group isn't exactly clear. The enhanced idea of numerous business tasks under the gathering implies that there is requirement for various systems to suit each other in accomplishing the statures set by the gathering. However, inside the association, the different organizations have diverse explicit targets they need to accomplish, for example the business in the land business has an alternate plan with the business in the travel industry and neighborliness industry. Hence, there is need of vital arranging utilizing composed human asset rehearses (Burma, 2014); (Wright Nishii, 2007). Thumbay Group execution supervisory crew comprises of two fundamental offices; the HR division and Talent securing Department each headed by its own administrator. The human asset group significantly manages the regulatory jobs identifying with representative government assistance while the ability securing group manages gaining the new required workforce. In this manner there is no key arrangement between two offices expected to be under one HR division. This clarifies the way that some key jobs of HR are quickly underutilized even in increasingly complex associations. As per (Righeimer, 2006), most HR offices are too centered around managerial capacities to the point that their key jobs are awfully ignored. There is a boundless conviction that as of late, human asset the executives has taken progressively vital jobs that are lined up with the associations dreams, qualities and missions (Alnaqbi, 2011). Be that as it may, Thumbay Group is apparently using its HR more on ability advancement and preparing inside the association. In any case, it is likewise worth recognizing the way that the gatherings organizations working in various businesses in Middle East makes it a tough undertaking to have effectively adjusted HR divisions. The effective arrangement of HR offices depends with hierarchical set up and the set objectives. Step by step instructions to Best Enhance Alignment Most able associations gain their serious edge over others through the gifted and persuaded workforce who are deliberately adjusted through HR capacities (Teena Sanjay, 2014). Vital arrangement implies that all offices progress in the direction of a similar course. Arrangement is when distinctive human asset capacities are composed together to understand the associations execution abilities and adequacy. Human asset can be utilized as a lively vital device (Hussain Ahmad, 2012). In the event that successfully used, an association can enormously profit by its application. What associations, for example, Thumbay Group need to do is use their HR divisions more deliberately than authoritatively. With a major system of organizations working in various enterprises, having one HR office won't be sufficient to provide food for all the key needs of each business substance under the gathering. In this way, with such an enormous gathering of organizations, what the top administration needs to do is to build up a human asset division for each and every business under the gathering. With these few HR divisions tending to explicit business interests, it turns out to be a lot simpler when they work as one under one head HR office deliberately to understand the associations set objectives. Adjusting these HR offices will improve vital activities between them, subsequently driving the association execution and adequacy forward. In todays world, most business associations are characterized by the escalated worldwide rivalry, yet just great techniques win this clash of mind. The job of administrators has changed after some time, which is making good conditions for willing eager laborers (Kumar, 2009), and with these changes, the arrangement of execution the executives frameworks is likewise fundamental. Indisputably human asset arrangement inside association spreads work coordination over all work levels uniformly. Arrangement improves specialization towards a similar objective which implies laborers from various offices work together with a similar vision of arranging endeavors that are driven towards achieving the set objectives. Arrangement in large and complex firms, for example, Thumbay Group with various business substances is the main way the association can accomplish its HR vital objectives. In this manner for the Thumbay Group to acknowledge key objectives from HR office, the association ought to have set up a HR division for each business under the gathering working in various enterprises. With coordination of these HR offices, in different ventures, for example, Tourism and cordiality industry, Medical industry and Education Industry among others; the work process and sharing of thoughts from various businesses to the principle HR the board would go about as a conceptualizing reason for defining the key objectives the organization needs to accomplish. With one of the companys objectives being extending its business to worldwide activity status, Thumbay Group can accomplish past their desire in the event that they trust their HR office past only enrollment of new ability and managerial works inside the association. Restricting the HR to just interior coordination of the association underutilizes its latent capacity and what it can accomplish for the firm. The organization additionally loses on a great deal of key decent variety and the new thoughts that HR offices ought to bring to the Table. Human asset is essential piece of the association and when best used through arrangement, the association can procure incredible vital objectives. References Alnaqbi, W. (2011). The connection between human asset practices and worker maintenance in open associations : an exploratory examination led in the United Arab Emirates. . Edith Cowan University . Burma, Z. A. (2014). Human Resource Management and Its Importance for Todays Organizations. Global Journal of Education and Social Science , 85-94. Heneman III, H. G., Milanowski, A. T. (2007). Investigating HUMAN RESOURCE PRACTICES ALIGNMENT. Strateic Management of Human Capital , 2-22. Hussain, M., Ahmad, M. (2012). Generally Discussed Research territories in Human Resource Management (HRM) A Literature Review . Worldwide Journal of Economics and Management Sciences , 10-17. Kumar, A. (2009). The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management. . Execution Dimensions Group. (2013). Vital HR Alignment

Writing Paper Set - A Good Idea For Students and Teachers

Writing Paper Set - A Good Idea For Students and TeachersIf you want to write something, writing paper set is a must have accessory. Papers and pads are very essential and writing anything on them require extra energy and care for it to be safe.Writing paper sets are a good choice for students and teachers for the reason that it is a cost effective solution. They are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can get a good quality writing pad, not just for a child but also for an adult. It has a matching pencil holder so that the student can write as per his needs.Writing paper sets come with special holders and the color matches with that of the holder. You can find papers that are very heavy duty and made out of stainless steel or aluminum. Such papers are used for specific jobs and they are also used for other purposes, like writing essays.Depending upon your need you can buy paper that is standard size papers or thick and slim. In the category of sheets and pens you can fi nd special pencil holders. Papers that are used for writing essays require holders that are adjustable and comfortable to use.The color range is also attractive and gives the students a feeling of being young again. These are made of plastic and canvas to withstand everyday use. You can buy this paper sets according to the type of writing paper that you use for your academic or professional writing.You can get the carrying case which is light weight and easy to carry around in your school or college. You can even get the writing papers from the store itself. Thus, you can purchase from the nearest store where you can get a cheaper price.If you want to give a present to your beloved one for Valentine's day then you can get one from the store and get the best one for her. She will be able to put it on her desk and use it for school. It will also give a great impression to her classmates.Writing paper sets are popular amongst students and teachers alike. They are also loved by the pare nts for the reason that they help students focus on their work and helps to concentrate on the subject.

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Yale MBA Admissions Educating Leaders for Business and Society

I visited Yale SOM last week during a visit to the East Coast. Yales admissions office graciously arranged for my husband and me to participate in a tour, attend a class, and meet with Bruce DelMonico, the Director of Admissions at SOM. I cant tell you how much such a visit adds to ones understanding of a school. I just drafted a four-page, single-spaced memo for the Accepted staff with impressions and insights gleaned from the visit. And I already knew a lot about the program. I strongly urge you to visit schools you are interested in, if possible when classes are in session. I want to focus on one part of my discussion with Bruce. (I am using quote marks and dialogue, but please realize that I am writing from notes and memory, not a recording.) Yales stated mission is to educate leaders for business and society. Bruce emphasized that SOM wants principled leaders who will make a difference. I asked him how he reacts when he reads essays from applicants who have dual goals of going into Wall St. and then going into sustainable development, micro-finance, rural development in poor parts of the world, or fill-in-the-blank cause-of-the-day, but have not participated in any related activities. His response: Our antennae go up. We view such essays as a red flag. We suspect that the applicant is writing what he or she thinks we want to read. Frankly, we would rather hear from the applicants whose professional commitments havent allowed community service that they intend to follow Bill Gates example and turn to philanthropy later in their career, or that they intend to provide financial support to Cause X throughout their career. We discussed Yales core curriculum and its focus on stakeholders in the business world. I observed that this focus highlights the conflicting interests inherent to business. Bruce agreed and added that because the core is infused with a values-based approach, there is no separate ethics course at SOM. Furthermore, the ability to recognize and balance clashing priorities is part of principled leadership. Bruce concluded this part of our discussion by saying that Yale wants to see commitment plus action. That combination makes values real. (Please see Passion in Admissions.) So does the Bill Gates comment mean that if you want to apply to Yale you should not make time for community service? Not at all. Yale wants sincere, credible applicants. If you want to save the whales and have never been to the ocean, your commitment sounds hollow. It lacks credibility, and so do you. You will be much better off if your application reveals actions that reflect your values than if you just say you will support your favorite cause financially. But the last thing you want is to flunk a credibility test by claiming noble goals that do not align with your past behavior. Furthermore, principle-based leadership is not just about fine social goals or even actions you have taken in support of worthy causes. For Yale it also means recognizing and navigating the conflicting interests intrinsic to business. Through its curriculum, SOM displays a profound understanding of and concern with that clash. You may find it advantageous to present your understanding of the colliding currents in business as well as your ability to navigate those currents when you apply to Yale SOM.

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Biography of Robert Cavelier de la Salle, Explorer

Robert Cavelier de la Salle (November 22, 1643–March 19, 1687) was a French explorer credited with claiming Louisiana and the Mississippi River Basin for France. In addition, he explored much of the Midwest region of what would become the United States as well as portions of Eastern Canada and the Great Lakes. On his last voyage, his attempt to set up a French colony at the mouth of the Mississippi River met with disaster. Fast Facts: Robert Cavelier de la Salle Known For: Claiming the Louisiana Territory for FranceAlso Known As: Renà ©-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La SalleBorn: Nov. 22, 1643  in Rouen, FranceParents: Jean Cavelier, Catherine GeesetDied: March 19, 1687 near  the Brazos River  in what is now Texas Early Life Robert Cavelier de la Salle was on November 22, 1643, in Rouen, Normandy, France, into a wealthy merchant family. His father was Jean Cavelier, and his mother was Catherine Geeset. He attended Jesuit schools as a child and adolescent and decided to give up his inheritance and take the vows of the Jesuit Order in 1660 to start the process of becoming a Roman Catholic priest. By age 22, however, La Salle found himself attracted to adventure. He followed his brother Jean, a Jesuit priest, to Montreal, Canada (then called New France), and resigned from the Jesuit order in 1967. Upon his arrival as a colonist, La Salle was granted 400 acres of land on the Island of Montreal. He named his land Lachine, reportedly because it means China in French; La Salle spent much of his life trying to find a route through the New World to China. Exploration Begins La Salle issued land grants of Lachine, set up a village, and set out to learn the languages of the native people living in the area. He quickly acquired the language of the Iroquois, who told him of the Ohio River, which they said flowed into the Mississippi. La Salle believed that the Mississippi flowed into the Gulf of California and from there, he thought, he would be able to find a western route to China. After receiving permission from the governor of New France, La Salle sold his interests in Lachine and began planning an expedition. La Salles first expedition began in 1669. During this venture, he met Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette, two white explorers, in Hamilton, Ontario. La Salles expedition continued from there and eventually reached the Ohio River, which he followed as far as Louisville, Kentucky before he had to return to Montreal after several of his men deserted. Two years later, Joliet and Marquette succeeded where La Salle had failed when they navigated the upper Mississippi River. Upon his return to Canada, La Salle oversaw the building of Fort Frontenac,  on the eastern coast of Lake Ontario in present-day Kingston, Ontario, which was intended as a station for the areas growing fur trade. The fort, completed in 1673, was named after Louis de Baude Frontenac, the governor-general of New France. In 1674, La Salle returned to France to gain royal support for his land claims at Fort Frontenac. He was granted support and a fur trade allowance, permission to establish additional forts in the frontier, and a title of nobility. With his newfound success, La Salle returned to Canada and rebuilt Fort Frontenac in stone. Second Expedition On Aug. 7, 1679, La Salle and Italian explorer Henri de Tonti set sail on Le Griffon, a ship he had built that became the first full-size sailing ship to travel the Great Lakes. The expedition was to begin at Fort Conti at the mouth of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. Before the voyage, La Salles crew brought in supplies from Fort Frontenac, avoiding Niagara Falls by using a portage around the falls established by Native Americans and carrying their supplies into Fort Conti. La Salle and Tonti then sailed Le Griffon up Lake Erie and into Lake Huron to Michilimackinac, near the present-day Straits of Mackinac in Michigan, before reaching the site of todays Green Bay, Wisconsin. La Salle then continued down the shore of Lake Michigan. In January 1680, he built Fort Miami at the mouth of the Miami River, now the St. Joseph River, in todays St. Joseph, Michigan. La Salle and his crew spent much of 1680 at Fort Miami. In December, they followed the river to South Bend, Indiana, where it joins the Kankakee River, then along this river to the Illinois River, establishing Fort Crevecoeur near what is today Peoria, Illinois. La Salle left Tonti in charge of the fort and returned to Fort Frontenac for supplies. While he was gone, Fort Crevecoeur was destroyed by mutinying soldiers. Louisiana Expedition After assembling a new crew including 18 Native Americans and reuniting with Tonti, La Salle began the expedition he is most known for. In 1682, he and his crew sailed down the Mississippi River. He named the Mississippi Basin La Louisiane in honor of King Louis XIV. On April 9, 1682, La Salle placed an engraved plate and a cross at the mouth of the Mississippi River, officially claiming the Louisiana Territory for France. In 1683 La Salle established Fort St. Louis at Starved Rock in Illinois and left Tonti in charge while he returned to France to resupply. In 1684, La Salle set sail from Europe to establish a French colony on the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Disaster The expedition started with four ships and 300 colonists, but in an extraordinary run of bad luck during the journey, three of the ships were lost to pirates and shipwreck. The remaining colonists and crew landed in Matagorda Bay, in present-day Texas. Due to navigational errors, La Salle had overshot his planned landing spot, Apalachee Bay near the northwestern bend of Florida, by hundreds of miles. Death They established a settlement near what became Victoria, Texas, and La Salle began searching overland for the Mississippi River. In the meantime, the last remaining ship, La Belle, ran aground and sank in the bay. On his fourth attempt to locate the Mississippi, 36 of his crew mutinied and on March 19, 1687, he was killed. After his death, the settlement lasted only until 1688, when local Native Americans killed the remaining adults and took the children captive. Legacy In 1995, La Salles last ship, La Belle, was found at the bottom of Matagorda Bay on the Texas coast. Archaeologists began a decades-long process of excavating, recovering, and conserving the ships hull and more than 1.6 million well-preserved artifacts, including crates and barrels of  items intended to support a new colony and supply a military expedition into Mexico: tools, cooking pots, trade goods, and weapons. They provide remarkable insights into the strategies and supplies that were used to establish colonies in 17th century North America.   The preserved hull of La Belle and many recovered artifacts are displayed in the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin. Among La Salles other important contributions was his exploration of the Great Lakes region and the Mississippi Basin. His claiming of Louisiana for France contributed to distinctive physical layouts of cities in the far-ranging territory and to the culture of its residents. Sources Renà ©-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle: French Explorer. Encyclopaedia Britannica.Rene-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle.à ©-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle  Biography. Belle: The Ship That Changed History.